Welcome to Cyberlaw Online: Summer 2015

This site is intended for students enrolled in Cyberlaw: Privacy. Ethics, and Digital Rights Online.  This semester’s blog will feature new cases and laws, discussions related to our coursework, and guest bloggers from fields such as Information Assurance, IP Law, Cybercrime, and others. To start, let’s look at a quote from CEPS that clearly quantifies many of the issues we will cover this summer.

“Cybersecurity is now a leading concern for major economies. Reports indicate that hackers can target the U.S. Department of Justice or Iranian nuclear facilities just as easily as they can mine credit card data. Threats have risen as the Internet has become a critical infrastructure for the global economy, with thousands of operations migrating onto it. Put simply, as the global economy relies more on the Internet, the latter becomes increasingly insidious. There is no doubt that the Internet is efficient. But it now needs a more concerted global effort to preserve its best aspects and guard against abuses….”

– Andrea Renda, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Policy Studies


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